R 10bn

of investment projects into the City of Tshwane in 3 years


job opportunities facilitated in 3 years


Tshwane-based companies were assisted with export development

R 26.3bn

worth of investment pipeline

R 70m

worth of 18 meetings leads generated for the City of Tshwane

R 2.1bn

in investments secured in the 2019/2020 financial year


jobs created or retained

Investment Sectors

Aerospace & Defence Technologies

Tshwane is the key node in aerospace and defence-related technology development. The Department of Defence, the Airforce and key industry players such as Denel, Aerosud, Saab-Grintek, Electrothread are located in City.


Automotives & Components

The heart of South Africa’s automotive and components industry is in the City of Tshwane. The City has the Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn, which has the highest concentration of automotive and component manufacturers in the country, including BMW, Nissan, Ford and TATA.


Agriculture & Agro-processing

Tshwane has a well-developed infrastructure and services. These coupled with drivers such as urbanisation, irrigation technology, soil conditions, and the growing need of producing crops and raising livestock makes this industry key.


Green Economy

In line with Tshwane looking to become a leading low-carbon economy by 2030, there are opportunities particularly in sectors including power/electricity generation.


Mining & Beneficiation

Opportunities exist in downstream beneficiation in the industry, and the city is strategically located in proximity to other major mining centres.


Tshwane Freight Terminal & Logistics Hub

The Tshwane Freight Terminal and Logistics Hub project involves the establishment of an intermodal inland freight terminal that will have rail siding to link Pyramid South Transnet Freight Rail.


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